Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympics Are Sadly Over...

This Saturday we went into London to hear a lecture at the Christian Science Reading Room set up near the Olympic Park. At first it was hard to find because it was in a sort of shopping mall, but we did track it down just in time to hear Suzanne Riedel talk about healthy competition. There was a good group there - all the seats were filled and there were even some people standing in the back. It was crazy to be in London so close to the end of the Olympics, though. There were millions of people everywhere! The pink people, by the way, are very super helpful and friendly. And very pink. Every advert and ever shop window all over the city is Olympic-themed. There are also a whole lot of foreigners wandering around. If you're wondering what language they're speaking at the next table, just look over, because they're inevitably wearing their country's flag somewhere on their person. I just have one question:

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