Monday, September 24, 2012

What I Love About England

I've been living in England for two months now, and it's hard not to recognise the various ways English and American cultures differ. To be sure, there are some freak moments when I just wish I were walking through an air-conditioned Walmart in 100-degree weather, but it's not that often! This is a list of things I love most about England.

1.) Ribena: it's blackcurrent squash (drink concentrate) that puts our obsession with cranberry juice to shame.
2.) Indian take-away

3.) Cadbury Flake bars - invented by the Gods.

4.) Cadbury fruit and nut bars - ditto.

5.) Names of places

6.) Rain: I like rain.

7.) Twinings Tea

8.) Cottages

9.) Flower gardens

10.) London - all of it

11.) Pizza Express

12.) Costa Coffee

13.) Wagamama Japanese food

14.) Nando's Chiken

15.) The English sea-side

16.) Chish and Fips

17.) Public transportation system

18.) Dogs

19.) Village churches

20.) Schoolchildren in uniforms

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