Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Moving to England!

Margaret in London  summer 2008
Today is my last full day in America before I make the big leap across the pond! My first stop is Manchester where I'll be visiting an old friend who's going to show me around his home town. I've only ever driven past Manchester, so it will be cool to explore the city with a native. I will be heading down to London in early August to join the family I will be living with for the next several months. They've got three gorgeous kids whom I'll be taking care of after school. I'll be living with their grandmother, a CS practitioner, and commuting to and from their school and their cottage every day. The parents work in the city so they don't usually get home until late. I'll just be getting the kids to all their extra-curricular activities and make them dinner and forcing them to do their chores and homework. I think it'll be a lot of fun! I've already Skyped with everybody in the family and I'm REALLY looking forward to being with them in person.

It's been a bittersweet couple weeks as I've been preparing for my journey. I FINALLY sold my cutie-patootie purple pick-up truck, which is good because I needed the money, but very sad because now I don't have a cutie-patootie purple pick-up truck. :( I've moved most of my stuff from my house here in Elsah to a storage unit for safe-keeping. I think all the things I want to take with fit in the suitcases I've selected.... I have a lot of books, but I really do NEED them desperately so they simply HAVE to fit! My flight is tomorrow afternoon, so I feel like I still have a lot of little odds and ends to tie up, but I should be ready in time.

I'll be updating this blog periodically as I experience great and wonderful new things in England. I'd love it if you followed me via emial or RSS feed so you get my updates as soon as they're posted - hot off the presses! Loads of love to all of you - the next time you read this, I'll be in England!!!

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